Cookie Usage on Our Website: A Comprehensive Overview

Overview: Similar to most websites, we utilize cookies to gather information when you visit our platform. This brief overview outlines the types of cookies we employ, their functions, and provides insight into your choices regarding their usage. By continuing to explore our site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

What are Cookies? Cookies are small text files placed on your computer, phone, or tablet during website visits. They facilitate access to specific web pages, store and retrieve information about your site navigation to enhance the user experience, and ensure preferences are remembered for subsequent visits.

Types of Cookies Used: Our website employs both session and persistent cookies:

  1. Session Cookies: Deleted upon browser closure, providing information about your on-site actions.

  2. Persistent Cookies: Remain on your device for a predetermined period, collecting data to personalize your subsequent website visits.

Cookies We Use:

  1. Strictly Necessary (Essential) Cookies: Crucial for proper website functionality, enabling activities like logging in and performing account-related functions.

  2. Performance and Analytical Cookies: Collect data on visitor interactions to enhance overall website performance and user experience.

  3. Functional Cookies: Remember personal preferences (e.g., username), enhancing and personalizing your site experience.

  4. Advertising Cookies: Collect data on your website visit, such as pages visited and time spent, to deliver ads tailored to your interests.

Third-Party Cookies: External entities, such as advertising networks and web analytics services, may utilize cookies beyond our control. These cookies gather device and usage data for analytical, performance, or targeting purposes.

Your Cookie Choices: You retain the option to block cookies by adjusting your browser or device settings. However, it’s essential to note that blocking all cookies may result in reduced website functionality. We encourage you to explore and customize your cookie preferences to align with your desired online experience.